About Us

A collaboration of a team of talented individuals made of all walks of life and age groups with their combined valuable knowledge all mixed together have created what is BEENIGMA today. In total, the B Team brings over 100+ years of industry experience. Just like bees we all work as a team, some have been from the very beginning and some through the evolution of the brand and have hived together.  Working with a unique biodiversity and as a community has become the authentic DNA foundation of Beenigma Skincare. We have formulated a range of clinically proven skincare, with some of the oldest and most nutrient-rich elixirs in the world found only from the purest origins of New Zealand. We called it BEENIGMA.






The initial inception and the first product was created by Peter Atkins a highly recognised NZ pharmacist and cosmetic engineer who lives and breathes NZ goodness and science. With the default meeting of a GEN Y marketing leader Rob Weir who was hired for his expert advice to help communicate his new bee-beauty innovation. Once Rob realised this was more than a bee- beauty product and more so a collaboration of a community of people made up of Honey farmers, bee culturists, a leading cosmetic pharmacist, beauty experts and the unique honey bees of NZ Rob wanted to be part of the buzz not just a hired marketing company. So he became a director and spread the word of the Bee Enigma and alas BEENIGMAwas born!






Mainly the bees and Peter.  Understanding he had formulated over 1000’s of skincare products for other brands Peter wanted to create a formulation that delivered incredible results from the proven benefits of the unique natural magic from Native New Zealand Bees.  Peter mirrored the goodness and natural biological effects of bees into the cream. He knew exactly what it would deliver, how it looks and feel, and how it needed to perform.  It needed to be a care cream not just a moisturiser that delivered on results, felt luxurious, and perfectly formulated to be used by all skin types, ages, and for day and night. It took time and many trials and enormous patience, until he got it just right.  BeeOne built the foundation of BEENIGMA and is the foundation of the whole range that keeps delivering premium products that provide proven results while preserving and cultivating our ecosystem through sustainable practices.




Beenigmais proudly owned, made and sourced in New Zealand. Beenigma is manufactured in a custom-built facility that is NZFSA (New Zealand Food Safety Authority), MPI (Ministry for Primary Industries) compliant and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) Certified, adhering to the strictest quality control requirements throughout the formulation and production process. Regular internal and independent audits are performed to maintain high standards and to ensure ongoing compliance and continual improvement. Beenigma is also registered with the US FDA (Food and drug administration).





We work with NZ finest bees; they are actually our A-Team! Without them, there would not be BEENIGMA! Of course, we are totally 100% Bee friendly, and re-invest in their eco-system.  We inject more capital back to our farmers and to support the ongoing growth of the colonies. 

Beenigma only works with certified beekeepers with sustainable growing standards. The Bee Venom is extracted by special glass surfaces that are placed alongside the natural habitat of the Bee Hive. A weak electrical current runs through the glass panels. When the bees contact the glass panels the vibrations of the current encourages the Bees to gently sting the glass. Because the bees are stinging a glass surface they cannot penetrate, their abdomens and sting remain intact so no ill effect to the Bee in the process. The bee venom collected dries on the glass which is then scraped and carefully packed into a special container for transportation to the laboratory.





Many skincare companies have several targeted specific products and advise. We all know it is all dependent on the natural state and health of each individuals skin.  For Beenigma we understand there is more than just one factor but overall our fundamental objective is to PROTECT, PROTECT, PROTECT. Our nutrient-rich formulations and “bee natural” key ingredients are made up of powerful proteins, enzymes, peptides, essential vitamins and amino acids that work perfectly in harmony with skin.  The beneficial effects are many, cell regeneration, collagen synthesis, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, healing and soothing benefits and strong anti-oxidant. In simple terms, it protects the skin like a shield to keep it in perfect homeostasis so that it can be the best it can be and reveal visible skin health and beauty. Just like the inside of a hive, perfectly balanced for all the bees to live in perfect working harmony.