Frequently asked questions

What are my countries shipping rates?

Australia & New Zealand: We offer FREE shipping on all orders.
Rest of the world: $20 flat fee on orders below $50, FREE shipping on all orders over $50


What is your return policy?

150% happy customers. That’s our only policy. We provide you up to 60 days to return your jar full or empty. If you aren’t satisfied with the results, just send it back to us for a no-questions-asked full refund.


Do you ship internationally?

Beenigma ships worldwide.


What are your shipping prices?

As part of our 150% customer satisfaction policy, we provide free shipping options. However, if you can’t wait to get your hands on the good stuff, we also offer an express service for a small fee depending on your destination. For more information please view our shipping options here:


Haven't received my order?

All Beenigma shipments are fully tracked. If you have your tracking number please follow this link:


Alternatively please contact customer service


Product Related Questions


Is Beenigma One face cream for everyone?

Beenigma has shown in clinical trials to produce significant results on all skin types. However, should you be allergic to bees, then we advise spot testing on the inside of your palm or elbow prior to use.


Why is bee venom such a strong anti-aging ingredient?

Collagen collagen collagen. Recall the last time you were stung, causing your skin to swell and smoothen. This was your body producing collagen and elastin as a response to the venom. Beenigma utilizes bee venom to simulate this process in a much safer and smaller way to boost production of collagen and elastin, the two most important building blocks of smooth, radiant skin.


Why is collagen so important?

Collagen is the main protein responsible for youthful looking skin. For more information, read this interesting article on the importance of collagen:


Can Beenigma One face cream be used day and night?

Beenigma is the perfect day and night cream, applicable underneath your makeup and applied liberally as a night-time mask. Because we don’t use highly unstable or reactive ingredients, you can use Beenigma multiple times per day without adverse reactions.


Can Beenigma One face cream be used on acne prone skin?

Due to the concentration of antibacterial properties in our 20+ Manuka honey, Beenigma can work wonders for acne prone skin. Please be aware that as with any new product, your skin may undergo 1-2 weeks of conditioning.


Can Beenigma One help with scarring?

Beenigma has shown to produce wonderful results for scarring thanks to the repairing qualities of bee venom.


How long does a Beenigma One face cream last?

Used sparingly, a 50gm jar of Beenigma can last between 3-4 months.


Where should I store Beenigma cream?

Keep Beenigma stored away from direct sunlight or heat. For best results store Beenigma in the fridge to add a cooling and awakening effect to your morning skincare routine.


Why is Manuka Honey more beneficial than regular honey?

Manuka honey is a very special honey that comes from Manuka bush found exclusively in New Zealand. It is the only honey containing rare antimicrobial and anti-bacterial properties that have shown to demonstrate powerful healing capabilities. Beenigma ONE uses 20+ medicinal grade honey which contains extremely potent amounts of antibacterial and antimicrobial properties.


Will I feel anything?

You may feel a slightly tingling sensation upon first use, however, this does not hurt at all and many users enjoy this feeling of Beenigma working to rejuvenate and renew their skin.


How do I apply Beenigma?

Wash face and apply Beenigma morning & night. The nourishing formula disappears into the skin and does not need to be washed away.


Why Does Beenigma1 Cream Cost Over $100?

Beenigma is like the rolls Royce of bee venom skincare. The production process is an arduous, labour-intensive and expensive series of events. Beenigma uses only the finest high-quality ingredients including medicinal grade Manuka honey and pure New Zealand bee venom. Not only is Manuka honey the most expensive honey in the world but NZ bee venom is so expensive its value is more than 8 x that of gold. Almost every other brand do not use this particular combination of expensive and high-quality actives.  And at 100ppm concentration, Beenigma is one of the most potent bee venom creams available. 
To ensure you have the absolute best product available Beenigma is also made in a Gmp-certified plant and then undergoes rigorous quality testing including independent clinical studies from third-party companies in the USA. 


Brand Related Questions


Where are your products made?

Beenigma is and always will be 100% made in NZ. Why? View this article on why.


Are your products paraben free?

All Beenigma products are paraben free, containing no harmful chemicals and only all natural active ingredients.


Are your products bee-friendly?

Beenigma uses bee venom extracted exclusively via a harmless patented process, which doesn’t harm or kill the bees in any way. Furthermore, our investment into apitherapy and bee related products helps stimulate and cultivate the bee population further supporting our global eco-system.


How do I become an ambassador for Beenigma?

Please contact and include references and links to your profile.


How do I stock Beenigma?

For wholesale or distribution enquiries please contact…


Can Beenigma donate to or sponsor our event?

For all sponsorship and charitable enquiries please contact


At what age should I start using Beenigma?

As with all skincare, as soon as your oily, acne prone skin days are over, your skin becomes subject to the relentlessness of ageing. Early adoption and prevention is the best way to fight ageing skin. Beenigma advises starting a customised skincare regime starting in your early twenties.